Murnan Modified Novarossi M12 Modified

Murnan Modified Novarossi M12 Modified
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   The Murnan Modified M12 Modified is a pure bred racing engine. The M12 engine parts are made of the finest components available in the world. The parts are then modified, and assembled by Murnan.  Not only is this our most powerful .12 engine to date, it is also durable, and easy to tune. 

 The M12 engine makes an extreme amount of torque throughout the entire powerband. This makes the car seemingly explode from corner to corner, while still pulling hard to a high top speed. The engine will also easily finish 5 minutes with fuel to spare. 


Displacement: 2,1 cc
   R.P.M. (max power): 39,500 RPM
   Practical RPM range: 6,000 - 45,000
   Bore x stroke: 13,70x14,25 mm
   Sleeve: 3 ports
   Piston: CNC 
   Rear ball bearings: Steel
   Front ball bearings: Steel
   Crankshaft: 11.5 mm – Turbo-Balanced
   Carburetor: aluminium - 6,5 mm - slide
   Glowplug: Turbo (C6TGF)
   Exhaust position: rear
   Weight: 220 g
   Fuel Tupe: 16-25% nitro

Suggested Exhaust:
   Novarossi 2660
   Hipex 2669

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