Tuning Tips

Tuning Tips for M12 Engine:
The M12 engine has been constructed with the finest materials, so break in will take longer than normal with the engine, but will reward you with very long life, and ease of tuning. For our pre-run in engines you will want to run approximately 2 more tanks of fuel to get the engine to race tune. The breakin has been done at our facility, but it is just good practice to start the engine rich, and tune in instead of starting lean, and having to richen the engine for different climates / fuels. The different climates, and fuels dramatically effect the needle settings for the engine. That is why the engines will come to you with a rich setting.

The BASE needle settings for the M12 engine is as follows:
High Speed Needle = 6 Turns out
Low Speed Needle = 3 turns out

Approximate RACE tune needle settings:
High Speed Needle = 5 Turns out
Low Speed Needle = 2 ½ -3 turns out
Mid Speed Needle = Flush with carb body

These are typical settings for the following: 
- 16% nitro
- Stock .3mm head shim
- C6TGF Novarossi Glowplug
- Novarossi 2660 exhaust with medium conical header.
- This is after the engine is fully run in, and will usually result in
temperatures in the 270-300 F range. Those temperatures can be exceeded at your own risk.

The most important thing to protecting the engine is to visually inspect the glowplug after a run. If it is shiny, that means there is still enough lubrication, and no damage is occurring. If the glowplug is dry looking, or even worse burnt, and deformed the engine is too lean, and damage is most likely occurring to the engine. In this case you must richen the engine. 

Usually it is very hard to damage the M12 engine if it has been properly run in. If you see any amount of smoke coming from the exhaust, you are probably OK.

You can use the following turbo glowplugs in the engine:



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