Welcome to Murnan Modified Motors

Murnan Modified Motors has spent many years making 2 stroke glow engines perform beyond their expected limits for top level racers around the world. We have spent many years making the fastest racing engines go faster. This is done through feedback from top level racers, as to what they need in an engine of engines! Each modified engine design also goes through Dynamometer testing to make sure the new design is more powerful than the stock engine. Then the track testing is done by our team to ensure you get the fastest, most long lasting, most fuel efficient modified engines available.

Each engine is modified using extremely precise machinery, and then finished by hand. This hand finishing insures that the highest quality engines are produced.

Each modified engine is assembled with the most use of care, and inspection. This is why Murnan Modified engines have the reputation of being among the best in the world. This is why top drivers from around the world choose to race with Murnan power!!!

Murnan Modified Motors 655 Lummus Ave. Austell, GA 30168